About LAM Parking

LAM Parking was established when family-owned property was mismanaged by a national parking management company resulting in significant loss of revenue. Through being present and observing their inefficiencies and shortcomings, LAM saw a need for a quality parking management company that was hands-on.

Almost 20 years in business and proudly local, LAM Parking began with one location and a simple promise: to provide the parking management services to support property owners’ need to raise profit performance. Today, we manage over 40 surface lots and have grown to become Houston’s premier surface parking lot management company, managing sites for property owners across Houston’s Central Business District, the Medical Center, EaDo, Midtown and more.

At LAM Parking, the strength of our reputation is our focus on hands-on management, our ability to maximize revenues and our long-term relationships with property owners. As Houston property owners and investors in commercial real estate, we have an intimate understanding of the Houston market and its parking needs. We build lasting relationships with our clients and offer personalized, tailor-made parking solutions for every site to optimize our clients’ returns.

We do one thing and we do it better than anyone – operating surface parking lots, especially event parking.

Leading by Example

We know Houston’s parking needs, in-and-out, yielding insights that bring better returns for our clients. This knowledge along with our hands-on approach allows us to make real-time pricing adjustments to maximize occupancy and profit. We gained this expertise through more than four decades of combined industry experience in the Houston market, including surface parking lots, parking garage management, commercial property management and commercial real estate investments. As opposed to national chains, our management team is actively involved in the operations and everyday challenges our clients face. This unmatched approach benefits our clients by allowing us to respond quickly should any opportunity or issue arise.

“Management always responds quickly when we need a solution. They provide outstanding service and are available for any questions or concerns.”

– Founder and President, Brand Strategy and Marketing Firm