Why LAM Parking

Hands-on, experienced, local.  Executives and management are actively involved in the day-to-day operations. LAM Parking’s management team has over 40 years combined experience. LAM Parking’s ownership was born, raised, and lives in Houston. When your focus is exclusively in Houston and only on surface lots, you know the City and its surface parking lots better than anyone. That’s really what separates us from the rest – we unlock the potential of your Houston surface lots.

By looking at external conditions such as city events, road closures, and changing weather, we can predict parking requirements and adjust pricing in real-time to optimize returns.

LAM Parking - Customer Centric


Active Management. Daily Operational Involvement.
What separates our parking lot management is our hands-on approach with management actively working lots to ensure a premiere parking lot experience. We believe in building relationships based on long-term goals, not short-term gains. We provide tailored parking management solutions based on the specific needs of each lot and every client, investing the time and resources required to manage a property to its fullest potential while limiting exposure to risk. Our management team, surface lot managers and staff are actively involved in the daily operation of your property. No two lots are the same, so we customize our services to meet the needs and handpick the right personnel to oversee each site.

LAM Parking - Parking Management Experience

Parking Management Experience

Pricing Adjustments in Real-Time
Our 40 years of combined parking management experience in the Houston market means that our clients benefit from professionals who understand and can anticipate their particular needs. Today, we’ve grown organically to manage over 40 locations. This growth isn’t due to purchasing competitors, or a marketing blitz – just great word of mouth from satisfied customers. Time and time again, we make it easy for surface lot owners to maximize ROI – and they keep inviting us back because we bring new ideas to the unique challenges of property owners. By looking at external parking lot conditions such as city events, road closures, changing weather, and event start times, etc., we can anticipate parking supply-and-demand and make real-time pricing adjustments to optimize income.

LAM Parking - Houston-Based


Locally Owned and Operated.
By solely focusing on Houston parking management, we can quickly establish a presence and respond efficiently to changing parking conditions at each location. We know the ins and outs of the Houston parking market and evaluate local events daily as well as environmental factors to maximize our clients’ revenue. Our proximity to your operations and personalized approach enable us to identify potential challenges before they become issues, which allows us to swiftly respond should a situation arise that could impact your business.

What starts in Houston, stays in Houston. We only operate Houston lots, so income generated stays right here at home.